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What is Spektakel ?
Spektakel is a platform of archipelago arts and culture information. A place where you can obtain information about artistic and cultural activities.

How to participate in filling information about arts and cultural activities?
You need to sign in first.

I simply wish to read information on, do i have to sign in ?
Relax, you are welcome to enjoy information on Spektakel without having to sign in. Please Please discover your favourite arts and culture information.

My photo is being used without permission and uploaded to Spektakel. how do i get Spektakel's Accountability ?
Any copyright-related material is the responsibility of the uploader. Spektakel is not responsible for materials that contain copyright disputes.

My Activity is posted on Spektakel with false information. Who should i contact ?
Please contact us at:

I am organizer of arts and culture activity and wish to get in touched with Spektakel. Who should i contact ?



Dimas Jayasrana
Founder | CEO

Ginanjar Seladipura
Co Founder | Head Of Product

Rizki Hesananda
Co Founder | Lead Programmer

Citra Megasari
Content Manager

Kelik Sumarahadi
Exploration Manager

Narayudha Asna
Head of Visual Creative

Anggi M Oktavian
Head of Audio-visual

Wilya Putri
Company secretary

Bilal Pratama
Visual Creative

Rachma Amalia
Content Creative

Suci Rokhani
Video Editor

Dwiky Aliansyah
Backend Programmer

Rizky Jayusman
Frontend Programmer

We offer you a big opportunity to contribute in promoting artistic and cultural activities, be it the onse that you organise, or the ones around you. We believe that the spirit of information sharing will make the Archipelago appear event richer.

You can promote your event through the form we provide after signing in.

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